Telephone Services


There's nothing like the familiar, uninterrupted sound of a human voice over a land-based phone line. With over 100 years of providing reliable local phone service and with a hometown office to serve your needs, Yeoman Telephone is your choice. 

Save on your long distance with the plan that's right for your calling needs.

$.10 Plan
$.10 a minute long distance all across the country.
Call all day, every day with NO monthly fee

$.05 Plan
$.05 a minute long distance, in-state and out-of-state for just $5.95 a month. 



Call Waiting

Call Forwarding

Three Way Calling

Caller ID

Call Waiting ID

Speed Dial 8

Distinctive Ringing *61

Automatic Recall *69

Automatic Callback *66

Anonymous Call Rejection *77

Selective Call Forward *63

Selective Call Rejection *60

Selective Call Acceptance *64

Long Distance Blocking Service